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Our 5 classifications of ghostly activity


This is probably the most common category of spiritual activity. We define an Entity as a ghost that appears to be conscious and interactive. The stereotypical image of a ghost would be an entity. When someone relay's a story of a passed on family member's ghost appearing to them they are more than likely talking about a entity. These are usually once human or animal in nature and are not typically a physical threat. There are however the rare cases of demonic or otherwise hostile entities that seem to be malign in nature. In our research we find that when a person dies at a young age, especially violently, they are more likely to remain as an entity. Though oftenly we find that a young person's spirit will stay for a period of years and then move on. These are the typical types of ghostly activity. Roughly 60-75% of ghostly activity is an entity case.


An imprint is the phenomena caused by ghostly activity that simply does not interact or seem to have conscious thought. Like a movie playing itself over and over, they seem to almost be programmed. The activity is usually keyed to a certain occasion. Like an anniversay death of some tragic event. For example; On Devil's Tower in Wyoming it is said that a woman threw herself off the top to her death after a tragic accident befell her lover. Accordingly, people say that once a year on that same day she can be heard and seen on the top. Ghost ships and cars are also examples of imprints. Imprints seem to be oblivious to observers and always behave and look the same. We think that the traumaitic events in an environment can cause that energy to become encoded or imprinted on that area, which is where we derive the name. Albert Einstein said "The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistant." Is it possible he was talking about imprints? Possible yes, but perhaps unlikely. It's logical that he did'nt realize his correlation tied to the paranormal field but it does. It's not that hard to believe that an area can become so affected. When a human is killed an enormous amount of emotional energy is expended. Think of it like a room that's just had a fight, after it you walk into the room and you can almost cut the tension with a knife. Imagine that emotion lingering. Imprints and Entities make up 90% of location hauntings.


There are places on Earth were the laws of science and physics seem to be gone entirely. Like they are distorted and reality behaves in unfamiliar ways. This is what we call a Warp. Think of the Bermuda triangle mysteries, where by no logical or scientific explanation ships, planes and people have vanished.Since 1900 more than 1000 people have dissappeared. There are also reports of time slips there. Wereas people report seeing a vessel from teh 1800's! These are incredibly rare but once discovered they become famous in a hurry.


Really a german word meaning noisy ghost, the poltergeist has become the most feared and most exaggerated activity. Mostly thanks to hollywood films. Poltergeist's are notable for being very interactive with there environment. Though like an entity the poltergeist can be distinguished by a number of factors. For instance they seem to be more temporary than the typical enitity. We find now that the activity also usually seems centralized around adolescent females. We think that this is due to the amount of emotional energy expended by the young female as they go through extreme hormonal changes. Most of the the poltergeist activities are subtle yet distinctive. We don't see people getting slashed at while sitting on the couch for example. We do however see objects being moved or misplaced.


What we call naturals is the scientific result of a apparently paranormal effect that is in fact mundane. Take for example the magnet. In our past Magnetite was though of as magical due to it's pull against iron and steel. We know now that it's scientifically explained and is not in fact paranormal. Static electricity is another example. What do you think the first person to notice hair stick to glass after rubbing was thinking? Naturals are simple a rare phenomenon that appears ghostly but is in fact created by a scientific property.

As you can see we have many ways to distinguish what exactly we are dealing with. It better helps us correlate evidence and help network with other Scientifically minded investigation agencies to differentiate. I hope this short article helps you understand something of the various natures of ghostly manifestiations.